Grigorii Khvatskii’s personal page

Hello, my name is Grigorii (and Gregory, and Grigoriy, transliterating Russian names is hard). Currently, I work on my PhD in computer science at the DIAL Lab at the University of Notre Dame, under the supervision of Dr. Nitesh Chawla.

Before that, I both studied and worked at the Higher School of Economics where I was helping with research in Computational Social Science, TA’d, and taught introductory courses on programming in R and Python for data science. You can read about that in more detail here.

Currently, my research interests are in deep learning from text data and machine learning on imbalanced data. You can check the list of publications I was involved in here.

Sometimes, I write small blog posts about things that make my life easier (specifically, related to cooking and using Linux as a desktop OS). Sometimes, I also program stuff to automate the boring stuff, and to get around unneded technical restrictions.

Blog posts